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    “And all dared to brave unknown terrors, to do mighty deeds, to boldly split infinitives that no man had split before―and thus was the Empire forged.”

    ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Grammar proofreading services

    When to Hire a Proofreader

    Proofreading is the last stage of the editing process. Authors hire proofreaders when their manuscript is in its final form and ready for submission or publication. A proofreader's main goal is to perform a thorough quality check and give your manuscript a final polish.



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    Presenting an error-free manuscript can help not only boost your credibility but also keep the focus where it should be: on your message. Grammar and typographical errors are easy to miss, especially when reviewing your own work. An expert proofreader with years of experience spotting oversights can provide a fresh set of eyes and help make your manuscript shine.



  • About


    As a professional proofreader with more than 20 years of experience, I have made a career out of chasing down dangling modifiers, confused homophones, and forgotten fragments. I have extensive experience with a wide range of content, including fiction and nonfiction books, magazines and newspapers, advertising and marketing materials, blog posts and web articles, business reports and financial publications, grant proposals and outreach literature, dissertations and theses, scientific papers and legal contracts, and more.


    I have honed my skills at some of the best organizations in the country, including several independent fiction and nonfiction book publishers, an award-winning magazine publisher, two highly successful online editing services, two top Los Angeles ad agencies, Arizona's largest daily newspaper, one of the largest education providers in North America, a financial printing firm that had been the oldest publicly traded company in the United States, and the largest animal welfare organization in the world.

    Let me put my skills to work to help you enhance and perfect your manuscript.

    ― Jill, sole proprietor, Commas & Misdemeanors

  • Proofreading Services

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    What's included

    As part of my proofreading service, I check all manuscripts for the following:

    • Misspelled words and other typos 
    • Improper grammar 
    • Incorrect word usage 
    • Missing and incorrect punctuation 
    • Improper and inconsistent capitalization
    • Inconsistent font and type size 
    • Incorrect word and sentence spacing 
    • Missing and double words 
    • Bad word, line, and page breaks
    • Maligned paragraphs and margins
    • Incorrect cross-references
    • Inconsistent layout elements, such as titles, headings, and running heads 

    If you have any questions about these services, please contact me. Your satisfaction is my priority.

    Proofreader cost  and rates


    Proofreading services are charged at a flat rate of $0.02 per word for most manuscripts. Manuscripts requiring an exceptionally fast turnaround will be charged at a higher rate, depending on the required timetable. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


    Proofreader time frame


    Once we have agreed upon the terms of service, you will receive the following within your desired time frame:

    • One proofed manuscript file with all the changes tracked and any queries and/or suggestions flagged
    • One clean copy with all the changes accepted and comments removed


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have a degree or other credentials?

    I have a bachelor's degree in English, with an emphasis on creative writing, from the University of Southern California, where I graduated with honors. I am also a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, American Copy Editors Society, and Editorial Freelancers Association.

    Which stylebooks do you have experience with?

    • The Associated Press Stylebook 
    • The Chicago Manual of Style 
    • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
    • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 
    • The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers 

    Do you proofread British or Canadian English?

    Yes. In addition to American English, I have many years of experience with British and Canadian English.

    Which file formats can I submit?

    • Microsoft Word 
    • Adobe Acrobat 
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint

    How long will it take to proofread my manuscript?

    The proofreading process for a standard-length manuscript (50,000 to 100,000 words) typically takes about two to three weeks, depending on the number of manuscripts I am currently working on. Contact me using the form below, and we can discuss a time frame that works for you.

    How can I ensure my work will be kept confidential?

    I never use or share clients' work, and I offer a legally binding nondisclosure agreement upon request, ensuring your manuscript is protected.

    Do you offer other editorial services?

    Yes, I have an extensive background as a copy editor, and I copy edit manuscripts as my schedule allows. My standard rate for copy editing is $0.03 per word. Please contact me if you would like more information.

    I am new to the digital world. Can you help me?

    Yes, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about working with digital files and the various computer programs. I also accept submissions and payments via regular mail. Please contact me using the form below.

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